It’s our desire to see the Gospel message spread throughout this community, and we realize that our Junior and Senior High kids represent the immediate future of the Church. As such, we take seriously the call to minister to this age group. We currently have Junior and Senior High group meetings Thursday nights. We start with group worship at 6:30 pm, then head out to our Junior and Senior High classes for a time of scripture study and activities intended to strengthen our relationship with God and each other. The Junior and Senior High groups also have their own Sunday school classes that meet every Sunday morning at 9:15 am that emphasize teaching of the Bible in a fun and accessible way for each age group.

A big part of our youth focus is providing fun, safe activities for the group – fellowship is important! Some of the activities we have planned in the past or have planned for the coming year include all night “lock in” events where we have special games/activities, pool parties, game nights, youth days on the water at the Reservoir or Turlock Lake, holiday celebrations and a yearly trip to church camp at Jenness Park where the kids have an intense week of fun, fellowship, and growth towards Christ! In order to send the kids to camp each year, we encourage personal responsibility by helping lead our youth groups in fundraising activities throughout the year.

It is our goal to grow this group and help lead the next generation towards a strong, healthy relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ!

Our youth group is currently led by Alfonso Barajas, who is attending seminary in view of a calling to church leadership.